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I love you so fucking much DEMIAN you’re gonna get the best in life because you’re the best person out there

I love you Katie! Hopefully we will meet next year when I go on the Europe trip with my bf and be 1d AF together!



that one part in permanent where liam comes back from america and fucks zayn on the pool table at the bar and sees zayn’s engagement ring for the first time………….. and continues to fuck zayn on the pool table


He uses his legs to pull Liam in farther, trying to tell him without words to get a move on, but Liam doesn’t listen. He just sits there for a minute, blanketing Zayn’s body, breathing heavily, until finally he says, “What’s on your finger?” His words are careful and quiet, but he might as well have yelled them for the way Zayn reacts.

He jerks his head up, eyes wide, and he can’t help but glance guiltily at the ring on his finger. Liam looks down at it, too, eyes narrowed, lips in a thin, hard pressed line.

“It’s an engagement ring,” Zayn says softly, heart in his stomach.

“What was that?” Liam asks.

“An engagement ring,” Zayn repeats, louder this time.

Liam pulls almost all the way out of him, and Zayn’s excepting him to move away and pull on his clothes and call Zayn a hundred different colourful, painful words, before leaving and never coming back. He’d deserve it. He does deserve it. That’s exactly what should happen.

Instead, Liam snaps his hips forward, burying himself in Zayn again, fingers digging into Zayn’s hips in a way that will likely leave marks.

“An— engagement— ring,” he repeats, punctuating each word with another bruising thrust. “You’re engaged.”

Anonymous said: I'm so happy for you!!!!! I'm glad you're happy and satisfied with everything :)

Thank you babe, well not really satisfied with everything (can one person even be) but hopefully I will with time!

Anonymous said: Im so happy for you!! im really glad things have gotten better, you really deserve it, youre wonderful. ♡

Thank you so much, I love you ❤️

I am so happy. Months ago I felt like there was really nothing keeping me alive other than watching series and blogging but my life has improved so much since then. I have an amazing boyfriend who makes me so happy. I started having straight A’s again which stopped being my thing since like 2011 when I started high school. I stopped being afraid of calling people out on their ignorance and started maintaining healthy friendships with people who care. I’m going to uni soon and I will be my own person. I am so proud of myself and I will keep doing things that my future self will thank me for



i never got to watch the liam payne look a like porn video im so sad


luckily i saved it to my phone before it got removed <3

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